5 Things To Do Before The New Year

5 Things To Do Before The New Year

It’s the last month of the year. Are you on track to meet the goals and resolutions you set for 2017?

Not sure? It’s time to assess how far you have achieved. Don’t wait until January 1st to do the assessment and set your new goals. Act NOW!

No matter you’re an entrepreneur, sales person, researcher, or student, here are some suggestions on what you could probably do before kicking off the New Year.

1) Assess the Year

Take out the list of goals you’ve set for the year and check each of them carefully whether you achieve every single goal and what are the results. Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved so far? Put a tick at the back of each goal.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of certain goals even though you’ve achieved them, state the reasons clearly, include the improvements you would implement to make the results more satisfying, and make sure these reasons that gave unsatisfying results won’t appear in your assessment next year.  

2) Start Reflecting, and Make Changes Now

Start reflecting now. Yes, it’s NOW! Many people don’t get much done on their goals in December especially during the holidays. Their commitment and focus fade. So, reflect now before the holidays. You don’t want the first week of the New Year to come and go before you’ve even looked back on the year you just had, right?

Take a couple of hours to reflect what you did right and did wrong in 2017, and how can you do better in the coming year. The important point here is to reflect on yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflection is crucial because it helps you to be aware of what are you thinking and why are you doing something in a certain way, and so on.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then make changes now.

If you’re a procrastinator, set yourself some rules to follow so that you can cut procrastination out of your life. You can also improve your strengths and develop new skills so that you achieve success more easily in the coming year.

3) Set New Goals

The way to start 2018 off with a real bang is to begin working on your resolutions early. And there’s no better time than today.

Think about what you want to accomplish next year, and why. Start by describing what your life would look like if you could achieve anything you set next year. Choose something you’re truly attracted to. Everyone has at least a desire that he or she would like to make it a reality. You may make it one of your goals for next year. Be sure that your goals are what you want to accomplish with your heart and soul. Otherwise, the goals serve no purpose.

4) Read Your Goals Daily

Write your goals on a card and carry with you always. Read each goals for at least twice daily – once before you start each day and once before you go to bed at night.

Imagine you’re already experiencing what you desire each time you read your goals. Feel the feelings when you’ve achieved your goals. Visualize the pictures of you achieving your goals. You’ll be one step closer to your goals.

5) Keep Your Mind Open

We often set a goal which describes the outcome of what we want to accomplish but the exact strategies to achieve the goals are not drawn out yet. How to achieve your goals if you don’t have any strategies in mind?

Fret not. You have the infinite power within you that could attract the appropriate ideas you need to succeed in your goals. Once you’ve made the decisions to achieve something, all the resources will be ready and come to you at the appropriate time. The key is to keep your mind open.

Keeping your mind open is to place yourself on the frequency of receiving everything that the Universe is going to send you – be it the ideas, strategies, or plans you require to accomplish your goals.

Ask the question and you shall find the answer. Be aware of everything that happens around you, because the answer to your question could come in any form.

To summarize, start assessing your year and reflecting on yourself before the holidays. There’s no better time to make changes than today. Self-reflection is important to increase your productivity and get rid of those bad habits that would delay your goals.

Set goals and take some actions on your goals now. Remember to keep your mind open and stay positive. You’ll be given the inspirations on the ideas to achieve your goals once you’ve decided to accomplish them.

If you’re serious about achieving your resolutions next year and commit to the process now, you’ll be looking back at tons of accomplishments this time next year.

Could you imagine what would you be celebrating one year from now?



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