5 Tips to Attract Your Dream Job

5 Tips to Attract Your Dream Job

Is your current job your dream job? If it is, congratulations! And make sure you continue to give your gratitude to it. However, if you’re not working on your dream job now and would love to attract one, don’t worry, here are FIVE useful tips to guide you.

1. Decide The Job You Want

Be very clear of the job you really want – a job where you look forward to going to work each day and that you’re passionate about and actually enjoy doing.

After you’ve made the decision, ask the Universe to send you the job. Even if currently, there are no available jobs in the field you’re seeking, the Universe will arrange to create a new one for you.

2. Visualize Working Your Dream Job

Take 10 to 15 minutes each day to visualize the pictures of you working on your dream job. Put lots of movements in the pictures when you visualize because your mind will hold the pictures more easily this way. You can visualize the spacious office and the nice ambient when you’re working your dream job. Visualize the chair you’re sitting on and the computer you’re using. You can also visualize the types of co-workers and bosses that you want to work with. 

Feel the feelings of you working on your dream job – happy, excited, satisfied, joyful...feel them with your heart. Repeat this exercise daily until your subconscious mind believes that these pictures that you visualize are real. Your dream job will be knocking on your door very soon.

5 Tips to Attract Your Dream Job - Visualize - Positive Republic

3. Practice Affirmations

As we discussed in previous post, affirmations are powerful statements that could keep you positive and you’ll believe that you’re able to achieve something you desired in life. Train your mind to think positively when it comes to attracting your dream job. We know that some people struggle to think good thoughts, that’s why we need positive affirmations to help them plant positive thoughts in their mind.

You can create affirmations just as below:

I deserve to have my dream job.

I am worthy of doing a job that I love.

I have all the skills I need to get my dream job.

I am confident within myself and my abilities to perform my dream job.

I am amazing at my job.

Read these affirmations in your mind and aloud so that they impress your subconscious mind. Do it every day and see your life changes!

4. Be Grateful for Your Current Job

You might be thinking if you could love the job you’ve got, you wouldn’t need a new one but things work this way. You must first be grateful for the job you’re having now in order to attract better jobs to you.

It doesn’t apply only on job; it works on everything in your life. Make gratitude the way of living, be grateful to every little thing in your life and once you fill your life with gratitude, good things come to you. So, list down 10 things you’re feeling grateful for or appreciate in your current job, be it your co-workers, opportunities and bonuses you’ve received, or the working environment you’re currently enjoying. List them down and give thanks sincerely to each of them daily.

It will speed up the process of attracting your dream job or a better job. Watch the magic happens in your life!

5. Act as if You Already Have Your Dream Job

What will you do when you have your dream job? Think ahead and practice them in your mind through visualization and practice in real life by really acting on it. If you’d get up excitedly each morning when you’ve got your dream job, do it now. If you’d take a train to work when you’ve got the job you love, practice it now. Take the train and enjoy the view along the journey. Feel the feelings of enjoying the nice view as if you’re on your way to work at the office where your dream job is.

Once you’ve mastered your mind, you can always attract whatever you want in your life, not only your dream job. You can attract your dream man or woman, dream life, wonderful health, abundance of wealth and so on. The Universe will deliver all of them to you. The most important thing is to take action along with your affirmations. Grab the opportunity that the Universe sent you.

We hope you pursue a career that makes you happy and live a more fulfilled life. Happy manifesting your dream job!



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