Motivation You Need In Your Fitness Journey

Motivation You Need In Your Fitness Journey

Answer YES or NO to the question below.

"Fitness is a seasonal hobby that you do only when summer is approaching - because you want to show off your killing abs."

There’s no right or wrong answer. This is your journey, a journey to achieve your perfect body. Nobody can get through the journey for you to achieve all the fitness goals. You have to experience it yourself.

We list down several obstacles you’ll possibly encounter in your fitness journey and give you some solutions.

  1. You find it difficult to walk this fitness journey alone.
  • It’s common especially when you’re a beginner in this journey. You tend to feel lonely and often find excuses not to hit the gym if you’re alone in this journey. Fret not, just look for several friends who have the same goals as you - to workout. Go to the gym together and you’ll be keeping each other company, at the same time giving motivations among yourselves. You won’t have any excuses not to workout because your gym buddies will keep pushing you to join them in the gym. They might act as your reminder to keep reminding you of your fitness goals you set for yourself.


  1. You want to give up because it’s too tiring.
  • Nothing is gain without action. You have to workout, take appropriate diet and rest in order to get the body you always dream of possessing. Put the photos of the person with your ideal body at the place where you’ll see it every day. The first thing you see when you wake up each morning is the perfect body, it’ll give you motivation to workout, harder.


  1. You lose faith because you see no results after months of workout.
  • Check if your workout routine is correct, suitable diet and sufficient rest are utmost important in the fitness journey. If you’re doing all this correctly, be patient. Your body will reward you. So, always have faith that you’ll achieve your perfect body.


  1. How to stay positive on the road to achieve your fitness goals?
  • Affirm yourself with motivational fitness quotes whenever you feel demotivated. Place different affirmations on things that you see regularly and you’ll be reminded. Like this 👇

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Happy working out for your PERFECT BODY!



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