Why We Founded Positive Republic

Why We Founded Positive Republic

Today, we’re excited to unveil our new vision and share with you some insights into the company and why we started this adventure.

We all need positive energy at some points of our lives. There are ups and downs, obstacles and problems every day. We can’t promise to stay upbeat in every moment of a day because we are human. We have emotions. Some people control their emotions well but some don’t. So whenever they encounter not-so-good things, they get mad, they lose control over those things. Everyone has gone through this road – to lose control over tiny or big matters. Did you notice that you get more unlucky circumstances after losing control of your emotions?

The Purpose

We are no exception. We’ve been through all this. That is why we founded Positive Republic with one aim – to lift people up by giving them more positive energy.

We, the founders of Positive Republic, would like to deliver the message of staying positive to everyone as all of us need positivity in our daily lives. There are tons of tiny matters in life that could put you down but if you change your mind set to become positive, you won’t sweat the small stuff because you understand positive thoughts will only attract positive things in life and this is the Law of Attraction.


Enjoy the little things and you won’t sweat the small stuff

Staying Positive with Affirmations

You know the importance of staying positive but human tends to be forgetful. We need something to remind us of being positive is our mission in life. Affirmations are useful in this case. Affirm yourself by saying out the statements you find most effective on you. For instance, by saying “I am confident” to yourself each day and one day you’ll suddenly realize that you possess confidence in you. This is no kidding because we have experienced it ourselves. It’s proven!

I am confident.

Now we know that affirmations are effective in changing whatever we want. The next question is how to take these affirmations with us no matter where we go. We looked into our personal belongings and found that we bring our phones wherever we go. Bingo! Why not printing the affirmations on our phone cases? That’s the easiest way for us to affirm ourselves whenever we want to.

It works for us and so we think it will work for many of you too. That’s why we got Positive Republic founded. It is imperative to have positive thoughts so as to bring positive impacts in life and affirmations play an important role in this. You lift yourself up every day by affirming your mind with powerful, positive and motivational quotes printed on your phone case. The chances of losing control of your emotions will be lowered because you continuously lift up yourself by staying positive. Being positive dissolves negativity. You’ll be ultimately attracting to you more positive things in life because you think positive thoughts that lead to positive actions and positive impacts in your own life.

Positive Republic hopes to become your positive energy charger by providing a series of iPhone cases and various items that are printed with positive, motivational and inspirational quotes to help you achieve your life goals through affirmations and positive thoughts.

Staying positive is a journey to rid the negativity. Never stop being positive!

Have a positive day!



Positive Republic


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